Notting Hill Etobicoke: A Little Bit of London in the West End

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Notting Hill, London, has long been celebrated as a kind of Bohemian paradise.

George Orwell, Stella McCartney and countless other less well-known creative types have derived endless inspiration from its winding, cobblestone streets where well-appointed horse-drawn carriages once ambled.

While every Saturday for nearly 200 years nearby Portobello Road has drawn the curious from all over the world to one of the UK’s most compelling street markets.

These days Porsches outnumber horses and bohemians have been replaced by legions of aspiring social media influencers, selfie sticks in hand.

But the charm of the place, its architectural and social essence, remains. As does the market.

Notting HillInspired by one of London’s most eclectic and enduring neighborhoods Lanterra Developments has created their own Notting Hill in the Richview area of Etobicoke.

Their Notting Hill will be comprised of twin two-tower, 25 story structures each sitting astride a multi-story podium housing a combination of retail and resident amenities.

Regarding the 4 tower plan, Lanterra Developments CEO Barry Fenton admitted “We’re not a one-condo builder. We like to create mass.”

Each two-tower massing will contain just over 1,000 units, with approximately an even number of one, two, and three-bedroom suites in each tower.

Prices will start in the high $300,000s and top out in the mid-to-high $800,000s. The design credo here is to move away from the stand-alone character of many North American condo developments and embrace a more inclusive, neighbourhood-oriented approach.

As Lanterra Chairman Mark Mandelbaum asserts, the name was chosen “to provide a character and a personality to a site.” In an effort to cultivate a more intimate social ethos, street-level retail will face both Eglinton Avenue and the street that bisects the development.

Lanterra principals see this as central to their holistic approach to neighborhood building and will complement the retail component with numerous terraces and patios. Local businesses will also be provided colorful canopies like those found on the legendary London market road.

NottinghillMandelbaum says Lanterra was drawn to the site as much for the value of the surrounding ecosystem as anything else.

To Lanterra designers, a living space is more than just the X number of square feet that have been allotted to you on the floorplan.

To be truly successful, a planned community needs consistent architecture, copious greenspace, and effective theming as well as numerous and compelling in-house amenities.

Only when all of the above components are working together does a development become a community.

As far as resident makeup is concerned, Mandelbaum acknowledges that buyer demographics have shifted significantly in the past 25 years.

Whereas the bulk of buyers in the early and mid-90s were single, 30-something professionals, today’s buyers are more often than not families or those looking to downsize and simplify their lives.

But that doesn’t make them wallflowers. Just the opposite, if they don’t see community potential in the project, they’ll keep looking. For more luxurious living like this in the area click here.

Notting Hill Condos in Etobicoke are currently accepting registrations. To register or find out more about this unique urban community, visit the official website at or call 416.256.0559 during normal business hours.

And for similar condos like this be sure to visit our homepage.

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